Pietra degli Dei was an idea born from the creativity, exclusive research and experience of the Ducceschi family.

It is natural and elegant, with a refined inner light, creating modern architecture in any environment; homes, shops, offices, hotels, boats; together with a total ease of use.

Pietra degli Dei is an example of modern technology applied to Alabaster, an ancient material that was known and worked by the Etruscans. An innovative patent leaves the original characteristics unchanged, and improves the stone, allowing it to be used for Architectural purposes that were unthinkable until now. The beauty of its simple and natural substance is enhanced with appropriate internal light, and the stone’s veins, which are true works of Art by nature, light up suggestively. Pietra degli Dei is the ideal ally for architects, designers and artists to free the imagination, and gives everyone the chance to be immersed in the unique atmosphere that this product creates. Pietra degli dei astonishes and ignites emotions.


mattoni in alabastro Pietra degli Dei

Alabaster stone bricks, especially designed for building works, particularly interiors. Thanks to Led technology, they can be coloured and lit up internally.

Suspended stones

pietre sospese in alabastro Pietra degli Dei

The suspended stones are the result of a particular match between stone and resin, which creates the illusion that the stones are suspended in the air due to the effect of transparency of the resin.


lastre in alabastro Pietra degli Dei

The Alabaster of Pietra degli Dei can also be “lightened”, as is done with marble, in order to make it sufficiently thin to be used as Sheets.