Volterrais a Tuscan town filled with art. It is a stone town, because the roads, its towers, buildings and austere walls are made of stone. Everything is made out of a yellow-grey stone, the “panchino” (a local sandstone), where unusually beautiful shells often emerge. Its craft is also made of stone, of alabaster. The name “alabaster” is certainly of Egyptian origin …



“…I enter the Workshop where Ducceschi transforms Alabaster into “Pietra degli Dei” (Stone of the Gods) and I hold my breath in order not to break the religious silence of the dust. And beneath the level, immaculate blanket, the work tools protrude just enough, shiny only where the Craftsman’s hand guides them, reassuringly surrounded in white…”

Stefano Stacchini



Innovation, culture, and the search for new functions and uses. What characterises Pietra degli Dei is the union between tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and technology. With the material selected and worked according to strong and absolute values, Pietra degli Dei skilfully creates customised designs for Interiors, Contracts, Homes, and Yachts.